A&DS – Chairing of Key Agency Group

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A&DS has recently completed a term as Chair of the Key Agency Group (KAG). Throughout this time significant achievements have included:

  • Facilitation and reporting of workshop on Development Planning
  • A&DS led Masterplanning training events
  • Project manage and production of a KAG training video
  • Promote KAG pre-application statement
  • Produced Planning Performance Framework
  • Chaired joint sessions on service improvement
  • Led KAG proposal to inform the NPF ‘charrette style’ event + input to NPF process
  • Chair and participate in discussion sessions regarding review of Scottish Planning Policy
  • Overseen implementation of Joint Action Plan
  • Contribute to activities of KAG sub-groups (EA, Skills, Pre-app, Culture Change, Climate Change)

Agency feedback suggests that A&DS’s period as Chair has helped to galvanise and positively promote the Group (e.g. “the group has really gelled” SNH).

Throughout this work A&DS has been able to promote better placemaking as a key aim amongst the group as a whole, and through the guest discussions. As a particular example, masterplanning training exercises helped to demonstrate how each agency has a responsibility and an active role to play in facilitating better place outcomes; A&DS helped to ‘keep an eye on the bigger picture in terms of what agencies are trying to do’ SNH & Historic Scotland.

The profile of A&DS was also raised:

I have learnt that A&DS can bring a new way of looking at issues and that whilst we might not be conscious of ‘people and place’ in our every-day work, I can more confidently see that it does. Scottish Water.

A&DS contributes to raising awareness and promoting a greater understanding of the importance of design in creating better places which can in turn have a positive impact on a range of economic, social and environmental outcomes. Also A&DS has a key role in contributing to joint KAG positions on planning issues and providing a key point of contact for COSLA on such issues. COSLA


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