A&DS Business Plan 2016/17

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In 2016 we celebrate the centenary of the architecture profession in Scotland through a Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design and a nationwide Festival of Architecture.

The focus of the year provides us with a unique opportunity to showcase the richness of our design talent and highlight how it can transform our lives. From major exhibitions to events in communities across the country, we are planning a year to remember as we aim to engage with more people than ever before in a celebration of all that is good about Scotland’s buildings and places.

Over the last year we have taken time to think about what we do and how we do it. Having done so, we will continue to promote the benefits of good design through a programme of advice and outreach but the way we do this is set to change significantly.

Focussed on the alignment of our advisory, learning and promotional work, we hope these changes will increase our reach and deliver greater impacts from what we do. You can find out more about our plans for 2016/17 in our Business Plan published here.

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