A Guide to Participation : What We’ve Learnt So Far

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The potential impact of participation in school design can be remarkable. It offers excellent educational opportunities, as well as providing a means to unlock ideas and potential of our students in thinking about the environments in which they live and learn.

This short guide takes you through what participation is, why we do it, when we do it and who does it. One of the many benefits, from the point of view of a project manager or a school teacher, is that it can act as a tool for change. It gathers evidence of how school users want to learn, and provides a strong mandate for what change can look like.

Not only can it provide a number of educational benefits in its own right, it also offers the opportunity to truly build services around the needs of communities, for communities.

WIthin the guide there are a series of scenarios and examples which demonstrate the breadth and scale of potential participation projects. They are based upon projects led by the Schools Programme at Architecture and Design Scotland. They include;

  • Modern Flexible Learning Spaces
  • School Grounds and Stimulating Learning Environments
  • Streetscape, Towns and Regeneration
  • Active Play and Learning
  • Local Environment and Learning
  • Connections with Landscape
  • Involving Stakeholders
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