A&DS and RIAS Scottish Student Awards for Architecture 2015 – Sustainable Design Award

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This year’s Architecture and Design Scotland Sust. Award for Sustainable Design winner is Robert Hebblethwaite of ESALA for his project “The Churchill Engine”



The project proposes that war defences in Orkney are replaced with a barrage for electricity generation, creating opportunities for high energy consuming industries to be located in the area.

The project fuses a robust, well-researched, technical argument with a focus on local economic benefit. Different scenarios are tested towards a solution which is very much focussed on community in its emphasis. Well-drawn and clearly expressed, the technical arguments are well made.

The re-use of existing infrastructure as a mechanism for alternative energy generation taken one step further. Using the product locally reduces the need for expensive transmission infrastructure and strengthens the local economy. These ideas are carefully expressed in a series of high quality drawings, including powerful cutaways and axial images.

Also Commended for the award was Neal Whitaker of the University of Strathclyde for his project “The continuing story of Kumbharwada’ which proposes a community owned brickmaking enterprise which would generate income to provide services in a Mumbai slum home to ceramicists, which is unsupported by the Indian Government.


This scheme proposed as well considered approach to improving living conditions in Mumbai. This is an architectural manifesto for socio-economic regeneration, clearly articulated and well expressed.

This is a humanitarian thesis, a manifesto for local empowerment. While the developed architectural forms are well beyond mere functional requirements, this is an enlightened and sophisticated expression of a big ambition. The proposition is that social justice be delivered through an accomplished, architectural approach.

This year’s judges were:

Iain Connelly, PPRIAS, President RIAS 2013-2015
Ian Gilzean, Chief Architect, Scottish Government
Professor Hiroaki Kimura, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
Graham Ross, Deputy Chair, Architecture and Design Scotland.

The 2015 A&DS and RIAS Student Awards Exhibition will be on show in The Lighthouse, Glasgow, from 17th July until 23rd September, after which it will travel to the participating schools of architecture.

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