Woodside Health Centre

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The current Woodside Health Centre is the base for 8 GP practices (comprising a total of 23 GPs). The facility was built in the early 1970’s and serves a GP practice population of 31,728. The existing centre is of poor fabric, is considered functionally unsuitable, does not meet current standards, is not fully accessible for people with a physical disability and does not have the space to deliver services that can be expected from a modernised National Health Service.

The purpose of the project is much more than the simple replacement of the existing facilities. This is an opportunity to enable and facilitate fundamental change in the way in which health is delivered to the people of Woodside. The underlying aim is to reshape services from a patient’s point of view. Health care services will be shaped around the needs of patients and clients through the development of partnerships and co-operation between patients, their carers and families and NHS staff; between the local health and social care services; between the public sector, voluntary organisations and other providers to ensure a patient-centred service.

The project team will consult with clinical users and patients to achieve a good design that: fosters access to social support, seeks to lower reduce stress levels so that patients reach the point of consultation feeling as calm and relaxed as can be expected; offers an early welcoming point of orientation for moving around the building; delivers well planned waiting rooms to reduce fear and increase confidence; uses material that are robust as well as attractive; can capture the use of natural light and ventilation to help contribute to good energy efficient and environmental conditions throughout.

Text adapted from information published by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

For further details of the project download the full case study via the link in the resources section to the right.


About this development

Project Woodside Health Centre
Location Glasgow
Client Body NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
Delivery Team HubWest
Value £12.3 million
Procurement Type Design Build Finance Maintain (DBFM)
Development Types Children’s and young people’s services, Dental care, Integrated services, Primary care, Elderly
SCIM Design Statement Woodside Health Centre (PDF)
Project Summary Woodside Health Centre (PDF)
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Woodside Health Centre

Children's and young people's services, Dental care, Integrated services, Primary care, Elderly

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