A call for ideas to revive our High Streets and Town Centres

As part of a programme of activities A+DS is undertaking around the current state of Scottish high streets and town centres, including The High Street Exhibition currently being shown at The Lighthouse, and various creative thinking workshops, we invite you to consider the future of the High Street and provide some fresh ideas on how they might be revived.

The Portas Review made a number of recommendations including relaxing licensing rules for market stalls to make it easier for people to set up stands, affordable town centre car parking, disincentives for landlords who leave shops empty, and setting up new town management teams, but can we take this further?

How might we unlock the potential of dormant assets? Or re-imagine our public spaces? What what will really bring people together in our town centres? What is driving them away?

The discussion is taking place on Twitter #HighStreetTweet.

Your ideas will be collected and used to inform an open source report which will shape future policymaking.