The Carlisle Centre

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The project is part of a wider investment in the healthcare estate in Northern Ireland which plans to create over 40 similar centres throughout the country. Along with the Arches Centre, it was commissioned by the now amalgamated Health and Social Services Trusts of South and East Belfast and North and West Belfast. The brief was to create centralised facilities for the promotion of wellbeing at the heart of the community. This has succeeded in generating two truly holistic centres, where care does not simply mean the provision of health and social services but extends to civic initiatives such as Citizens Advice.

Both the Carlisle Centre and Arches Centre were procured by Health Estates on behalf of, and in cooperation with, the client body Trusts. Maximising the benefits of Performance Related Partnering, they were delivered by the same design team of Penoyre and Prasad in collaboration with Todd Architects over an 18 month period, from November 2005 to May 2007. They are both widely recognised as exemplars of their type.

The Carlisle Centre is driven by a set of aspirations resulting from the key role of Health Estates in the briefing process. At its heart is the recognition of the impact of good design on healthcare outcomes, staff retention and civic pride.

The key design concept behind the building is the logical arrangement of services around an internal central courtyard. This aids clear wayfinding between the range of facilities on offer. It also provides generous public space in a calm and respectful internal environment.

Text adapted from information published by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

For further details of the project download the full case study via the link in the resources section to the right.



About this development

Project The Carlisle Centre
Location Belfast
Client Body North and West Belfast NHS & Social Services Trust
Delivery Team Penoyre & Prasad / Todd Architects
Value £9,200,000
Procurement Type Performance Related Partnership
Development Types Integrated services, Primary care, Diagnostics and treatment, Outpatient care
Project Summary The Carlisle Centre (PDF)
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The Carlisle Centre

The project is part of a wider investment in the healthcare estate in Northern Ireland which plans to create over 40 similar centres.

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