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A wide range of resources is now available for anyone who wants to run an event or activity as part of Say Hello to Architecture.  If you want to run an event please let us know by emailing 


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Activity Resources
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Say Hello to: Building Reflections

This activity is designed to encourage you to look at things that you perhaps walk past every day.

Say Hello to: Building Blueprints

This is a simple and fun activity that introduces young people to the idea of a blueprint for a building. All you need are cardboard boxes, imagination and some tape.

Say Hello to: Den Building

Den Building is a quick and fairly low cost activity that is suitable for all age groups. It is particularly good as a family activity. All you need is somewhere to build, and a big pile of stuff to build with!

Say Hello to: Your Local Area

Find out what people like and dislike about where they live. This is a good activity to do as part of a larger community regeneration project, or as a way to canvas local opinion for consultation.

Say Hello to: Memory Walks

Arrange a local memory walk, during which older residents can share their stories of the local area with young people. This is an ideal project to introduce different age groups of the community to each other.

Say Hello to: House for a Mouse

This is a quick and low cost activity introducing early years children to architecture by using the building they know best: a house.

Say Hello to: Pop Up Cinema

A pop-up cinema event is a fun way of bringing a community together. It can be a good opportunity to clear and renovate a derelict or unused site, opening opportunities for further temporary use in the future.

Say Hello to: Shapes and Patterns

Create eccentric buildings using line, shape, texture and patterns from your imagination, inspired by buildings around the world or the buildings around you.

Say Hello to: Tallest Towers

Build, design and compete to see who can make the tallest, strongest tower out of newspaper. Work in pairs, teams or on your own. This is an ideal activity to use as part of a festival or family day and is fun for all ages.

Say Hello to: Your Street
Explore your street and neighbourhood to find out what you like and don’t like so much about where you live.

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