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Through Stalled Spaces Scotland, Renfrewshire Council funded Renfrew Development Trust to deliver a multi-generational engagement project. Working with local students and older residents, they produced a public exhibition on the history of the town to be displayed on the side of an unused building.

Originally written in  2017 to document the community engagement work and funding from Stalled Spaces Scotland, the full case study is available for download.


Established in 2012, The organisation aims to develop projects and to make the town a better place to live in and visit. Initially led by a steering group of 11 local people, it includes 165 members, and past projects have included the development of a community action plan as part of the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Action Plan pilot. The group received information about the Stalled Spaces Scotland fund from Renfrewshire Council and a development manager took the lead on completing the application documents and liaising with Council officers.


Because of the project’s ambitious scope, it brought together a range of local organisations. While Renfrewshire Development Trust led on the project, it included young people from Renfrew YMCA, students of West College Scotland, and residents of Renfrew Care Home. The participants from Renfrew YMCA visited residents of Renfrew Care Home, watching films of the town from the 1930s onwards, and discussing with them their memories and experiences of the changes that have taken place over the course of their lives. Further information is available in the report.

Stalled Spaces: Renfrew Intergenerational Exhibition
Exhibition Space built by Renfrew Development Trust


‘We were so pleased with it all at the end of the day’

Gordon Burgess, Renfrew Development Trust

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