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In collaboration with Forfar in Flower and Angus Council, this community-regeneration project helped local people and businesses transform former waste ground land into an interactive space that works with local businesses.

This case study was originally written in  2017 to document the community engagement work and funding from Stalled Spaces Scotland. The full report is available for download. 


Established in 2013, the group previously worked on another garden scheme in the town called the Forfar Botanist Garden. The group identified and tackled neglected areas within the town, and through working in partnership with local people and businesses. For the project, the group chose a piece of waste ground which once formed part of a large factory site.

Forfar in Bloom, Angus, Botanic Garden Space
Volunteers pose at garden for Forfar In Bloom Project

Place Principle

Through their work, the group has developed a good relationship with the local Social Work department, who own a large greenhouse; this has enabled them to do the planting preparation in a central location, as well as working with service users, which has benefited both parties. Additional money received from the Environmental Trust gave new staging and shelving for the greenhouse, providing more light and space.


‘I think since we put the planters in it hasn’t been so littered, and it was the same with another area. Since we cleared it there has been no litter and since the plants were in it’s been fine.’

Lynne Devine, Forfar in Flower

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